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Why ICE Packet?

Why should I buy one?
ICE Packet can help emergency responders quickly learn about your personal medical needs. Furthermore, ICE Packet provides the best way to maintain all of your medical information.

Why can't I just carry this info in my wallet?
ICE Packet may be with you when your wallet is not there - maybe while doing sports. Young children may not have a wallet yet, but they can easily have ICE Packet attached to their bookbag or jacket zipper.

How will emergency personnel know what to do with my ICE Packet?
Emergency responders know that I.C.E. stands for "In Case of Emergency" and the ICE Packetlogo consists of commonly recognizable medical icons. We recommend that you keep ICE Packet in a conspicuous place like a keychain, lanyard or backpack.


What if I lose my ICE Packet? Can someone steal my identity?
ICE Packet has a built-in security feature, CustomSecure, which allows you to protect your data in a manner that is personalized to your comfort level. This security feature, composed of a custom question/response pair, allows you to specify the level of security.

Additionally, you control the information you store on your ICE Packet. ICE Packet does not have any required fields, enter only information that you are comfortable storing on ICE Packet. At a minimum we recommend your name, an emergency contact and allergies or other high priority medical information.


What is a USB drive?
USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB drives store information and computers access that information through a "bus" or port. The USB drive used by ICE Packet is reliable and robust.

Will this run on Windows or a Mac?
Yes. ICE Packet requires a computer with a USB port. USB ports have been standards on both Windows and Mac computers since 1996. ICE Packet runs on Windows XP or later out of the box and is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, and ME. ICE Packet will run on Mac OS X 10.3 or newer out of the box. Mac OS X 10.3 was released in late 2003, therefore ICE Packet should run on any Mac released in the past 3 years.

Do I need Microsoft Word or any other program on my computer to use ICE Packet?
No! ICE Packet is so simple to use - the application is included on the device. No other program is required.

What if I move? How do I update my information?
Connect ICE Packet to any computer. Open the ICE Packet application. Modify the appropriate sections and click SAVE.

Can I use one device for my entire family?
The ICE Packet stores information for individuals. Sometimes a family may all be together, but accidents can happen any time, even when family members are in different places.


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